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Bois Flotté Luxe

Refreshing aqua blend of sparkling rock salt with crusted driftwood, enhanced by hints of  ambe..

₦7,000 Ex Tax: ₦7,000

Bourbon Boter Crème Luxe

Sweet gourmand blend of rich salted caramel, sweet butter cream and vanilla essence with a whisk of ..

₦7,000 Ex Tax: ₦7,000

Cuir Patchouli Luxe

Intoxicating and exquisite accord of soft bergamot, sweetened mandarin and soothing patchouli restin..

₦7,000 Ex Tax: ₦7,000

Früchte Luxe

Früchte is an exciting fruity accord of passion fruit, kiwi, mango, juicy plum, lounging on a base o..

₦7,000 Ex Tax: ₦7,000

Gardenia Luxe

Velvety and sweet floral bouquet of gardenia, freesia and white roses, lounging on a smooth base of ..

₦7,000 Ex Tax: ₦7,000

Lavenille Luxe

Rich floral and oriental notes of lavender, vanilla, lily, precious woods and amber with fruity top ..

₦7,000 Ex Tax: ₦7,000

Lemongrass Luxe

An exotic, stimulating and sensual blend of tangy lemongrass, spicy ginger roots, zesty lime and a h..

₦8,000 Ex Tax: ₦8,000