Solo Reed Diffuser
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Product Code: DF003

Rich woody and luxurious accord of Cinnamon leaf, soft bergamot lounging on middle notes of spicy citrus and Oudh woods, with base notes of Leather, Amber and Patchouli.

This fragrance oil diffuser adds an invigorating and welcoming scent to any space and neutralises bad odour, with reed sticks that elegantly provide a regulated and reliable fragrance dispersion.


Oil Volume: 100ml (3.4 fluid ounce)

3.5mm thick high performance reed sticks.

Reeds require no flipping, do not clog and diffuse fragrance brilliantly.

Product life: approximately two (2) to three (3) months.

Excellent fragrance strength and retention.

Suitable for scenting large living spaces.

Pesticide, paraben and sulphate free.

Eco-friendly, nontoxic and hand made from 100% pure essential oils.

Luxurious black and gold vessel.

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