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Chocolate Mint

Delightful, edible scenting blend of dark chocolates, cocoa butter with fresh mint fondant enriched ..

₦8,000 Ex Tax: ₦8,000

Früchte Candle and Diffuser Set

Früchte is an exciting fruity accord of passion fruit, kiwi, mango, juicy plum, lounging on a base o..

₦15,000 Ex Tax: ₦15,000

Honey Embers

Sensual, homely and earthy aromas of white musk, tobacco, amber, vetiver, incense with sweet honey a..

₦8,000 Ex Tax: ₦8,000

Jul Spice

Fresh, christmassy and spicy notes of cinnamon, clove, orange with hints of peach, fir needles and b..

₦8,000 Ex Tax: ₦8,000

Noel Blanc

Perfect welcoming aroma of succulent raspberries, strawberries, red roses, jasmine and mandarin, wit..

₦8,000 Ex Tax: ₦8,000

Rum and Raisin

Mouth-watery blend of rum, raisins, butterscotch and exotic chocolate whiskey, lounging on a creamy ..

₦8,000 Ex Tax: ₦8,000

Yule Tree

Fascinating blend of festive pine cones, fresh green spruce, subtle undertones of cedar wood, fir wi..

₦8,000 Ex Tax: ₦8,000